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  • Mace1700

    In forums that I often browse, I find that a recurring debate is whether drummers should have a duble bass drum pedal or two bass drums. Personally, I use neither. I have one bass drum with one pedal but that's another story. Anyways, I'll go ahead and list the pros and cons of both options.

    1. Very small and lightweight, making it easier to carry around.
    2. Much cheaper than a double pedal.
    3. Easier to use when space is an issue on stage.
    4. Alot easier to place your hi-hats and other pedals.

    1. The slave pedal wills always have lag, no matter what kind of pedal it is, even if it is hardly noticeable. Always.
    2. When playing at fast speeds, the other pedal can sometimes choke the drum, making your speed stop and sputter.
    3. If you tuning isn't up to par, then two p…

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