On a drum kit, splash cymbals are the smallest cymbals in a drumset. The most common size of a splash cymbal is 10" followed by 8". Most splashes are in the size range of 6" to 12" but sizes as small as 4" and as large as 22" have been reported. However, most splash cymbals larger than 14" are usually considered extra-thin crash cymbals.


Traditional SplashesEdit

Traditional splash cymbals are 8"-12" and medium in weight little or no taper and therefore a thick rim for their size.


The name "splash" gives quite an idea as to how this cymbal sounds, the word rhyming with crash but a literal splash (in water) being very small. The normal function of a splash cymbal is to provide a short, often highly syncopated accent. For their size, they are hit relatively hard to produce a quick attack and decay. They tend to have little taper in order to provide the necessary strength for this, the bell being approximately the same thickness as the rim, resulting in limited richness of tone.